Joining is easy. Simply email us via the enquiries page and a friendly horse enthusiast will get back to you. If you would to to try out a rally before joining we would love to see you.

For insurance purposes you need to be an HRCAV member. If you are not already an HRCAV member, we can help with daily HRCAV membership at a cost of $30 for the day.

Our rally contribution is $35, however as a visitor the fee is $45 which includes morning tea and lunch. All monies are collected by our treasurer on the day. We will explain how everything works, introduce you to your new friends, their horses and dogs, and make you most welcome.

 If you decide to join on the day, our annual membership fee is $65. Your rally fees will be $35 and you will need to become an HRCAV member at a cost of $106 for the year. In this case, the $30 daily HRCAV fee is waived.

We look forward to meeting you and your horse.

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